fury-pools.com is a company operating in the field of direct manufacturing and making profit through mining with solar energy to create profits for the company and pay stable capitals and interests for investors.

In recent years, as people became aware of the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the SHA-256 hashrate (BTC and BCH consensus algorithm) has risen to an all-time height. Along with the record of price drop of BTC in early 2019, when the price of BTC was just under $3,500 along with a large reduction from all other cryptocurrencies. It's becoming more difficult to use the amount of electricity used to mine coins by mining companies.

However, while some people and organizations spend time debating whether the exploitation uses too much electrical energy or not, there have been organizations and individuals who have turned to exploitation. Many types of renewable energy such as wind power, hydroelectricity and solar energy.

Our fury-pools.com company chooses to mine with solar power, and makes more money by using redundant solar power to mine bitcoins instead of using electricity from the company that provides electricity as traditional mining.


120% for 24 Hours
  • Min: $40
  • Max: $399
135% for 48 Hours
  • Min: $400
  • Max: $1499
180% for 48 Hours
  • Min: $1500
  • Max: Unlimited


  • 6%
  • 3%
  • 2%
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Coin mining by traditional electric energy is difficult because of many problems. First is the power supply. Based on data collected from Eurostat, electricity price has increased by more than 10% in the last decade.

So organizations and individuals who mine cryptocurrencies have been trying to reduce costs. Currently in the context of market conditions is no longer peaking as late of 2017, this has become more important than ever. Current mining cryptocurrencies using solar energy by installing solar panels to operate mining machines can reduce 30 ~ 75% of the cost of mining.

Solar energy is giving hopes for small and medium bitcoin mining companies to face with the up and down conditions of the world cryptocurrency market. In recent studies of the use of renewable energy to mine bitcoins, they show that we can recover about 72% of the heat generated. Using alternative methods such as mini hydro, wind power, solar energy is cheap and easy to exploit but with a high initial investment.

Will the coin price continue growing in the future?

With the peak price at the end of 2017 when bitcoin reached $17,000 per BTC and the unexpected drop afterwards, and the spectacular return in July 2019 for $13,000, how about the future of bitcoin later?

We first judge by the world's attention to bitcoin. As you can see, despite the reduction of BTC price since the end of 2017, Bitcoin's hashrate chart has steadily increased from 2017 to now despite there was some point of time the cryptocurrency market had dropped to 80%, the hashrate still increased by nearly 150% during the last year. What does this mean? The hashrate tells us how often miners participate in the Bitcoin network and the mining power doesn't drop, and with the increased hashrate, miners still join the Bitcoin network regularly. Even at some point of times of falling coins and higher costs to produce, they accept the current losses to accumulate Bitcoin, and seem like they will never stop mining.

The interest of the media, finance, traders and even miners who store bitcoins as an asset are extremely large. So we can believe that the value of cryptocurrencies will continue to be stable and grow in the future.

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